Jackson Trolley

Hours of Operation


The Jackson Trolley runs from Dillsboro to Southwestern Community College, Monday - Friday.


First stop is 7:00 am.
Last run 4:00-5:00 pm.



Saturday Service


First stop is 10:00 am.

Last run 1:00-2:00 pm.


(Please note that on Saturdays the Trolley does not automatically stop at the Hospital or at SCC. However, it will pickup and drop at these locations upon request.)





Only $1.00 each time you board!


Monthly Passes..........................$20.00

Book of 20 Tickets.....................$15.00

(Exact fare please. Drivers cannot make change. We do not accept debit or credit cards)


Route Summary


There have recently been some significant changes made to the Jackson Trolley route. The normal path for the Trolley will still include running from Dillsboro to Southwestern Community College (SCC), and it will stop at most of the same places that it has for the past several years. However, the new first stop will be at the Information Pavilion located in Dillsboro, and it will no longer travel down North River Road. River Park Apartments has been completely removed from the route. Instead, when the Trolley has completed a full trip from Dillsboro to SCC it will turn around and come back up Hwy 107 through town and begin again at Dillsboro. 


Route Details


After the first stop in Dillsboro the Trolley will go to Harold’s Supermarket. It will then take Savannah Drive and pass by Nicol Arms Apartments. (Please note that the Trolley will no longer automatically go through the Nicol Arms parking area. Instead, passengers from Nicol Arms who wish to ride can call in ahead of time and request to be picked up at the mail boxes near the bottom of the apartment complex.) The Trolley will then pass by Jackson Village Apartments (again, tenants may call and request that we pick them up in their parking lot) as it heads to the Library. After the Library it will head through Main Street and stop at In Your Ear music store. Then, like normal, it will travel past the Community Building next to the Health Department, to Harris Regional Hospital (due to construction we are picking up near the West Wing), then to Kel Sav, and on to Walmart. From there it will pass by the Department of Social Services (DSS) as it goes up to The Haven Apartments, and then finally to SCC.


From SCC the Trolley will head back toward Dillsboro. On the way passengers may board or disembark the Trolley when it stops in the right turning lane as it approaches Ingles parking lot. We will no longer be going into Ingles parking lot, unless it is to drop off or pick up a passenger there in a wheelchair. Then the Trolley will merge back into traffic and prepare to turn left at the intersection of Hwy 107.


As we travel along Hwy 107 there are a few places where we can drop off and pick up passengers. The first location we already mentioned which is Ingles. After that, on the way back to Dillsboro we may pick up or drop off passengers near Andy Shaw Ford and Sonic by turning right at the intersection and going up the hill. We can also drop passengers off or pick them up on Cope Creek. We will turn right at the bank and come out the back onto Flaxman Cove Road. The Trolley will then travel around Hot Spot and re-enter the route via the intersection at Cope Creek. The next possible pick up/drop off location is the parking lot in front of the Bread Store just past Business 23. (Note that we do not go back up 23 to the Hospital on the Return Route.)  After that we can pick up and drop off passengers on Back Street in front of Treasures Unknown. Passengers must call in to be picked up at any of the Return Route pick up locations. See new Trolley map below.


Route Deviations


The Trolley may deviate up to a 1/4 of a mile off the regular route in areas deemed safe for travel.

New Trolley Map

Passenger Guidelines

  • No Eating, Drinking, or Use of Tobacco Products on Buses.


  • No Open Food or Drink.


  • No Playing Music (CD’s, Mp3, Radio, Etc).


  • One Trip Per Fare or Pass.


  • Children Under 12 Yrs Old.


  • Must be Accompanied by an Adult.


  • Passengers Must Bring Their Own Child Car Seat.


  • No Profanity or Spitting.


  • Weapons are Not Permitted.


  • On Board.


  • No Continuous Riding.


  • Monthly Pass Must be Shown Each Time You Board the Bus.


  • Passengers May Only Board the Bus with 2 (Two) Shopping Bags.


  • Jackson County Transit has the Right to Refuse any Passenger.

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