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General Information

Scheduling a Ride


Requests for transportation within Jackson County must be called in to our office by 2:00 pm the day prior to the date of the trip. Trips outside of Jackson County must be scheduled at least one week in advance. We cannot take reservations from messages left on our answering machine or via email.




Be advised that if you schedule a pick up and fail to call and cancel the trip, you will not be able to ride again until the previous trip has been paid for. Additionally, for passengers that have their rides paid for by a sponsoring agency; after Jackson County Transit has attempted to pick-up a scheduled passenger two different times with no response, we will notify the passenger’s agency representative and transportation will be discontinued. Transportation services will be reactivated only after a request from the Human Services agency and subsequent approval of the JCT Coordinator. Repeated No-Shows will be refused.


Passenger Escorts


Passengers who need assistance beyond boarding and exiting the vehicles should have an aide. The driver is not responsible for seeing that passengers sign in or for taking passengers inside any buildings. Escorts are not required to pay for their transportation.

Transporting Children


Any child who is younger than age 8 years old or who weighs less than 80 pounds must be secured in a child restraint seat which is provided by the parent or guardian. The parent or the guardian is considered the caregiver and ride at no cost when traveling to and from a child’s medical appointment.


Only one caregiver is permitted. When a child or children are taken to a parent’s or guardian’s medical appointment there will be a public fare charged for each child. Parents and guardians shall not leave their children unattended on board any JCT vehicle.

Rules for Riding

• Passengers should be ready and waiting upon Jackson County Transit vehicle arrival.


• There is a 15 minute “service window.” This means Jackson County Transit can pick you up 15 minutes before or after your scheduled pick-up time.


• Disruptive or abusive behavior toward other passengers or the driver will not be tolerated.

• No profanity or vulgarity will be tolerated while on board.


• Passengers are not permitted to eat, drink, or use any kind of tobacco products while on board.


• Passengers MUST wear seatbelts.


• No screaming, loud talking, singing, or playing loud music.


• No inappropriate displays of affection toward the driver or other passengers will be permitted.


• Do not engage in sexual activity.


• No release of human waste or body fluids, including spitting, will be tolerated.


• No weapons are permitted on Jackson County Transit vehicles.


• No child under 8 years of age or under 80 lbs will be transported  without a child restraint seat, which will be provided by the parent or guardian.


• Take all personal belongings and any trash you have generated with you when you exit the vehicle.


• No animals are permitted with the exception of required service animals for persons with disabilities.


• The following items cannot be transported on Jackson County Transit vehicles: No Fertilizer, No Car Batteries, No Gasoline. *If you wish to bring something on the Trolley that might be questionable, please call the office and ask first to see if it is okay.


• North Carolina State Law prohibits open containers of any kind of alcoholic beverage in all vehicles.


• Passengers will only be allowed to transport items which they can carry safely on the transit vehicle. The number of parcels is limited to two [2] large shopping bags which passengers can hold at their seats.


• No items may be placed in adjoining seats, under seats or in the vehicle aisle.


• No large items, such as large electronics, rugs, big bags of dog food or birdseed, are permitted. Drivers are not required to load and unload parcels or bags for passengers.


• When a Jackson County Transit vehicle has a full capacity of passengers the requests for stops will be prioritized. The driver will make every effort to accommodate all requests.

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